Electricity T&D

In 1998, FUNDALCO S.A.S supported by ISA, one of the most important enterprises for Electric Energy
Transport, started to manufacture high and extra-high tension connectors. The connectors are certified in Colombia by CIDET according to the RETIE regulation and, NTC 2155 and NEMA CC1 Standards. All connectors with heat treatment T6 have accomplished the short-circuit tests for 63kA/1S according to IEEE-62271-1 Standard. A wide experienced team of engineers as well as an integrated production plant, allows to develop and produce all kinds of connectors, overhead line fittings.

We also design and manufacture Deadend, Quadrant Deadend, and suspensión clamps for distribution lines. The FUNDALCO clamps are characterized by a light design, fluid geometries with an ideal mechanical performance, high resistance due to the alloys controls and the elimination of stress concentrators, an easy manipulation, textures and homogeneus surface finish.

The most important thing is that we have partners to provide the better solutions in Electricity T&D. Under the guiding principle “Jointly We Serve Best” the companies Lorünser, Mosdorfer and Fundalco bundle their know-how, resources, products and experience to o­ er full package solutions for their customers. From string sets, fi ttings and damping systems, bus bars and insulators – we provide you the best solution for your projects. This is ensured by combining the high-quality products of these three companies with Lorünsers’ 60 years
of experience in substation equipment, Mosdorfers’ technical competence in the confi guration of innovative overhead transmission line fittings and damping systems as well as Fundalcos’ strong local position.