• 1.978: Jean Florec, Metallurgical Engineer of the Paris Superior Casting School, decided to relocate to Colombia with the dream of create industry.
  • 1.985: Coquimetal is founded – Permanent Mold Cast Aluminum Solutions.
  • 1.987:Fundalco is founded – Die Cast Aluminum Solutions.
  • 1.990: Ricardo Payán join Jean Florec’s dream.
  • 1.991: New warehouse. Fundalco and Coquimetal merge in one company: Fundalco.
  • 1.995: Fundalco starts manufacturing products for exportations.
  • 1.997: Fundalco purchase equipment for alloy control.
  • 1.998: ISA look for Fundalco in order to get substations connectors in maintenance processes.
  • 2.000: Fundalco design its own connectors supported by ISA.
  • 2.004: Fundalco starts manufacturing products for USA supported by Carpas IKL.
  • 2.009: Fundalco tested its connectors and obtained the product certification. The supply begins for Projects.
  • 2.010: Fundalco starts manufacturing products for electrical appliances supported by Haceb
  • 2.014: We won the “Gacela MisiónPyme 2014” in Antioquia, and “Gacela MisiónPyme 2014 – HDI category” prizein Colombia.
  • 2.015: Fundalco purchase a working cell and starts manufacturing products for HWI.